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Fozia, Hissam Habesha and The billionaire

This is an episode where fozia and hissam talks about almoudi.

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In Tigray State, 5 factories have started operating at full capacity

The National Emergency Coordination Center, chaired by the Minister of Peace, Mufferihat Kamil, held its weekly regular meeting.

During the meeting, the member ministries of the committee presented a report on the ongoing supply and distribution of emergency aid in Tigray and Tekel zone.

He said the ministries, in collaboration with the Tigray Regional State, are providing food and non-food items in a coordinated and intensive manner.
He also said that in addition to the provision of temporary assistance, the people are being rehabilitated and rehabilitated.

Representatives of the Tigray Regional State Interim Administration have confirmed that the distribution and distribution of aid is increasing day by day.

He said the overall situation in the region is improving.

According to the Ministry of Peace, five factories have now started operating at full capacity and one of the five factories has started exporting.

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