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Comedian Bety and Singer Selamawit fun game

She is not only a peaceful singer but also a beautiful woman. She is a decent, decent girl. She is a hidden artist who always protects herself and her dignity. Many men say that they are attracted to her because of her beauty. This is also because she has a much more beautiful personality.

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The people of Tigray have reaffirmed their country and made sacrifices for the country. If there is anyone who pushes this, it will ‘ruin history’ – Dr. Abraham

The Minister of Technology and Innovation, Dr. Abraham Belay said no country will be dismantled for groups that are running for their own interests.

He also said that the people of Tigray are one of the people who built Ethiopia.
However, he said there are those who work to destroy the country by prioritizing group and private agendas rather than public ones.

According to ENA, all Ethiopians must work together to maintain the unity of the country.

“Ethiopians, our unity is strengthened when we support each other and make sure that we do not have the problems of one another,” he said.

A nation is built together; “Ethiopia is a part of Ethiopia and it is impossible to cut its neck,” he said.

The people of Tigray have established the country, established the country, and made sacrifices for the country. ‘History is ruined,’ he said.

Dr. Abraham thanked the people and leaders of the regions for their support.

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