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Yetekelekele Part 127 Kana TV Drama

Enjoy the latest episode of yetekelekele part 127.

Parents and the community have been asked to take responsibility for the psychological preparation of 12th graders!

The Gambella Regional Education Bureau called on parents and the community to fulfill their responsibilities in the effort to ensure adequate psychological preparation for the students in the 12th grade paper exam, which will be held from February 29 to March 2.

In the Gambella region, 3653 students take the national, private and evening exams.

It is stated that 17 test stations are ready for the test.

It is stated that various test materials are being prepared for the examination and the region has announced that it will select the people who can coordinate the examination process.

Delayed Grade 8 result issue:

The results of the Gambella State 8th grade exam will be announced to students in the next two (2) weeks, according to the state education bureau.

The bureau attributed the delay to the eighth grade exam results due to inadequate staffing.

Previously, the regional exams were being held during the winter, but it was said that it was possible to involve more teachers at that time, but now it has been delayed by only 60 teachers.

The office announced that the 8th grade students’ results will be announced in the next two weeks, and students and families are urged to wait patiently for the results.

Gambella Regional Press Secretariat Gambella Regional Education Bureau Muse Gajit

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