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Yetekelekele Part 125 Kana TV Drama

This is the latest episode from Kana Television based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The story of the movie is so inspiring that many people are watching all parts with great commitment.

Different universities are graduating their students!

Wollega University

Welega University is graduating 3,398 students at Welega Stadium today.

Among the students graduating from the university are 3,031 undergraduate students, 344 master’s degree students, 40 medical doctors and 3,398 doctoral students.

Kebridhar University

Kebri Dehar University is graduating 612 students for the first time in various fields of study. It is known that the President of the State, Mustafa Mohamed, and the officials of the Federal and Regional Governments went to Kebridhar yesterday for the ceremony.

Jimma University

Jimma University is graduating 4,338 students in the second round in various fields of study.

Of the graduates, 3,950 are undergraduates, of whom 1,530 are women. In the master’s degree, 354 students, including 45 women, graduated. 3 students with a 3rd degree and 4 students with a specialization in Humanities.

Arsi University

Arsi University graduated 24 medical students in the first round.

Kotebe Metropolitan University

Kotebe Metropolitan University is graduating 2039 students; 1,104 in undergraduate degree, 222 in master’s degree and 711 in diploma.

Source፦ Jimma University, SRTV, Wollega University

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