Ethiopian Music: Teamir Gizaw (Minewa) | New Ethiopian Music 2021

Teamir Gizaw is a rising Ethiopian Music star who just broke into the Ethiopian music scene.

The voluntary participation of our city dwellers makes us serve less than we have served so far – Engineer Takele Uma

The city’s strong participation in the volunteer program will enable us to serve less than we have done so far, said the city’s deputy mayor, Takele Uma.

More than 1.8 million birr worth of educational materials collected by various sections of the community in Addis Ketema sub-city, including Merkato traders, have been donated to the city administration.

Engineer Takele Uma, who received the gift, also visited the Addis Ketema school in the sub-city where the renovation has been completed. According to the mayor’s office, merchants in the Merkato area have also promised to pave the school grounds.

Takele Uma said the dream of supporting more than 600,000 students in government schools in the new year has been achieved with the participation of the city’s residents. He said the participation of the people will motivate the city administration to do a better job.

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