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Amazing Drama Yetekelekele Part 117 on Kana TV

The Ministry of Education was asked to announce the date for the Grade 12 National Examination.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives has urged the Ministry of Education to announce a ‘determined’ date for the 12th grade national examination.

“The 400,000 tablets required for the exam have not been imported,” said Million Mathews, State Minister for Education.

He said he will work with Ethiopian Airlines and the date of the test will be determined when the tablets are imported.

According to ENA, the necessary preparations are underway at 1,500 test centers to facilitate the examination process.


Gofa Zone Administration says it has provided assistance to those in need of humanitarian assistance in Tigray.

The zonal administration announced that it has provided assistance to those displaced and affected by the security situation in Tigray State.

He said he has collected aid from 7 woredas and 2 city administrations for those affected and in need of humanitarian assistance. He announced that he had been sent to reach the parties.

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