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Addis Ababa city administration report on housing complaint

The city mayor had hold a press confrence regarding the ongoing complaint about illegal land grabbing and condominium lottery.

Addis Ababa City Land, Condominium, and Kebele Housing Invasion

  • 322 ownerless buildings found
  • More than 75% of the people who got condominium do not live in it
  • 21,695 illegally occupied homes

According to a study conducted by the Addis Ababa City Administration, 322 homeless buildings have been found, Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe said.

As a result, 1,338 hectares of land was illegally confiscated. 322 unfinished and unfinished buildings; 21,695 condominiums are in various illegal conditions; Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, said in a press statement today that 14,641 residential and commercial rented kebele houses have been misappropriated and illegally occupied.

He noted that the landowners’ legal information and construction permit information were not available, and that the owners had been notified by a month-long notice that the information was in their possession. The houses cover a total of 229,556 square meters and each occupy more than 500 square meters. According to the study, the children are at various levels, of which 18 are completed and 264 are at various stages, some of which have been suspended since the change.

According to the mayor, more than 177,000 condominium houses have been handed over to the beneficiaries of the 13th round. He said 16,335 had no legal evidence. According to the mayor, 4,530 have been closed for a long time and the houses will be closed for 2 to 10 years. He said 850 condominiums had never been occupied and that 424 houses had been broken into by individuals.

According to the mayor, 75 percent of the condominiums are not being occupied by the owners.

He said a total of 51,229 lots have been allocated for the 13th round. About 22,915 houses have been handed over to farmers. They said they had been handed over to a third party, that 1,164 people living in condominiums had not left their homes, 1,243 had been sealed in court, and that 180 homes were missing or missing.

He recalled that the problem has persisted not only in the last two years but especially in 1997. He said land has been transferred to the Land Bank, adding that the administration has decided to hand over the houses to those who have been waiting for a long time.

In Addis Ababa in general, land grabbing, condominium and kebele housing surveys look like the following.

  • 1,338 hectares of land illegally confiscated; – 322 unfinished and unfinished buildings found unoccupied; – 21,695 houses illegally occupied – 14,641 residential and commercial rented kebele houses are illegally occupied by the city. The confiscated land is 1,338 hectares and is valued at 14 billion birr, 21,695 illegally occupied condominiums, 132,678 of the names registered by the housing corporation and the list of beneficiaries in the field – 18,000. A total of 423 houses were found without an owner’s name. The study found 10,565 illegally occupied kebele houses. For more information visit

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