Artist Bayush and Nigist on ye lib weg

Bayush and Nigist are the latest friends to appear on Maya media ye lib weg program. Previously many artists shared their friendship and their life experience on the same program.

Deputy Mayor and Head of the Bureau, Jantar Abay, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the heads of 9 labor federations, 10 employers’ organizations and 3 executives.

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor and Head of the Bureau of Labor, Employment and Industry Development, Jantar Abay, on his part said the industries are our country’s wealth and we will build a thriving and prosperous industry.

He called on employers and workers to play a key role in bringing peace to the industries.

The bureau will work with stakeholders to ensure a conducive working environment for the industry, said Yohannes Mitiku, head of the bureau.

He said he will work hard for the implementation of the agreement as stakeholders work together to ensure favorable working conditions.

Kassa Seyoum, Director of the Industrial Peace Occupational Health Directorate of the Bureau, elaborated on the main activities, objectives, stakeholders and working conditions of the sector.

The purpose of the agreement is to ensure industrial peace and increase productivity by creating a conducive working environment and working conditions, he said.

bayush and nigist


Preparations are underway to carry out digital ID printing and distribution at the sub-city level

According to the Addis Ababa Critical Event Registration and Information Agency, Addis Ababa City is preparing to roll out the digital residency identification service at the central level and distribute it to all sub-cities.

He announced that the digital ID service will allow one resident to have only one resident ID.

The agency also said that the system will have a significant impact on the social and economic equitable distribution of wealth among the residents.

The agency also announced that it has provided training to all sub-city resident service professionals before launching the service.

The move to print and distribution to the sub-city will save time and money for the consumer community to get ID printing.

Ethiopia’s research sector is in a state of flux.

According to the Global Index, which is ranked 2021, Ethiopia ranks 127th out of 131 countries, indicating that the country is still in its infancy.

This was stated during a discussion on the ongoing national research at the Intergurry Addis Hotel today.

Desta Abera, Director of Policy and Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said 60 of the studies allocated between 2007 and 2012 have been completed and will be completed soon.

Twenty-four of the research was conducted in agriculture, 18 in industry, six in ICT and other sectors.

Budget and research, as well as a lack of qualified manpower, are said to be the biggest challenges facing the country’s research sector.

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