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Interview with millionaire Kalkidan Abera on Dawit dreams

Kalkidan Abera

This is an interview with a beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent woman Kalkidan Abera.

Kalkidan is Dawit dreams 26th batch student. She has shared her dreams and confessed she earn more than one million dollar a month by inspiring and coaching people on her social media platforms.

One of her former classmates named Bethlehem Anbesse wrote the following after watching this inspiring interview ” I went to highschool with you, you were the popular girl who had it all figured out, who knew you were struggling this way. This is so relatable, you are so brave for sharing your story.”


A new pilot curriculum has been launched in 11 schools in the Harari region.

The new curriculum has been piloted in 11 schools in Harari State, according to the state education bureau.

Regional Education Bureau Head, Mukhtar Salih, said extensive efforts have been made to launch the new curriculum.

He said the new curriculum has been piloted in 10 primary and one secondary schools in the state.

He said training has been provided in Harari, Afan Oromo and Amharic languages in the region, especially in primary schools.

He also said that the new curriculum has been revised and put into operation in a way that is different from the previous ones, which includes indigenous and modern technology knowledge.

He said the project will be fully operational in all schools in the state by identifying and resolving gaps in the pilot project.

He noted that the curriculum, which has been in place for 28 years, does not include indigenous knowledge and 21st century knowledge.

He called on the education authorities and parents to play their part in reviewing the textbooks and providing additional support for the implementation of the new curriculum next year.

According to information obtained from Harari Communication, five states, including Harari, have so far started implementing the new curriculum nationwide.

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