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Addis Ababa City Administration Review

  • Top to bottom or bottom to top?
  • Will it ripen or will it continue to boil?

(Journalist Wodeneh Zenebe)

The day after receiving the key to the city, Deputy Mayor Adanech wanted to conduct a rigorous assessment of the land sector. But the review was started by the top management (above) – from top to bottom … and failed as much as it smoked, without much sticks.

The problem at the time was the inability of officials to be assigned to their respective institutions; It was later discovered that the condition of the victim was normal. Last year’s review revealed that some leaders, especially those involved in land grabbing, had been branded as “gossipers” by some of the top leaders at the time.

According to former mayor Engineer Takele Uma, Ade Adanech did not give land to the developer community. Even in the bidding process, the new fiscal year has failed.

By the way, since the lease proclamation was issued in November 2004, land has not been given in a transparent manner. At the time of the proclamation, land was to be auctioned off on a monthly basis. But if we look back at the time when the land was auctioned off, we will lose our shoulder. The allocation of projects for national interest was not only controversial but also discriminatory.

The undeniable fact is that the incumbent cabinet should have handed over land to the developers in advance. He also had to quell the ravages of land. At the very least, he had to protect the resident in need of protection. Not so, but it has been years.

According to the directives issued during the recent assessments of the land sector, the assessments made by land institutions are required to ensure that the assessment is grounded and that the culprits are identified.

In this regard, group-based assessments have begun, and the name of the person is being raised. Bring money for your services, do not come on foot waving !! They say: Officials are said to be on the run. A reviewer who raises a problem with a group review should be named during the overall review. Otherwise, the rod will fall on his head as a gossip.

This is the result of a bottom-up review. In the language of prosperity of the EPRDF, which is the bedrock of the EPRDF, there is a short discussion on whether the assessment should be maintained or mature. Does ripening also help with security information? That is to say. If not, will the critic continue? It also means. It is believed that the top-down review of the playwrights is a top-down potato. It didn’t seem to change much. The rod rests on the helpless so that the mouse can be hit by a bullet.

Evidence suggests that Ms. Adanech, who is expected to hold the key to the city for the next five years, is committed to ensuring that the land sector is free of corruption, good governance, anti-discrimination and illegal activities next year. Will they? That is the case.

According to sources, Ade Adanech is planning to reform the land sector next year, as is the case with every mayor who has stepped on the Addis Ababa City Administration. Lack of land sector structure and reform is exhausting. Even if we start hearing about cadastre, children are born and grow up – what if prosperity makes Addis Ababa a popular city, mostly professional, and a few politicians?

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