The untold story of Roman Befikadu

Roman Befikadu is a famous artist who shone on various films. She was awarded as best actress of the year for her performance on bale taxiw movie.

Significant achievements have been registered in the urban sanitation and beauty sector in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

Dire Dawa Administration Sanitation and Beauty Agency has achieved great success in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year, said Tahir Roble, head of the agency.

In particular, he said, 10 state-of-the-art compact trucks have been procured in all nine kebeles to alleviate the shortage of solid waste collection vehicles.

In the past, the agency has purchased five new UD dump trucks to help solve the problem of rental vehicles used by household waste collectors, and has also purchased a back load truck for Land Phil Garbage Disposal and Urban Cleaner.

Experienced Agency experts in collaboration with the University of Dire Dawa have conducted a study on household solid waste collection, Dutch sanitation and asphalt sanitation in 2006 EC. According to Tahir, the agency is one of the successes of the agency.

In addition to the various clean-up activities designed to make the city clean and beautiful by using various strategies designed to achieve the purpose of the agency, the agency is also planning to clean up all nine kebeles of the city, especially the design areas. He also said that the residents and the city leadership have been able to participate in the formation of a large-scale movement. According to Tahir Roble, the mobilization work has been carried out in all kebeles on a weekly basis.

Sanitation is one of the major activities carried out by the administration and the agency to alleviate the problem of illegal sewage disposal in the city due to illegal trade and lack of awareness on the issue. He said the clean-up work has created a lot of jobs for the city’s youth and has contributed significantly to the city’s cleanliness.

According to Tahir, preparations for the planting of green seedlings have been carried out in collaboration with the administration and other stakeholders.

He said an expansion design is underway to modernize the Millennium and Urban Week parks and parks run by the agency.

Tahir Roble conveyed the message that the agency has contributed significantly to the success of the city in the current fiscal year 2013. He said the residents and investors should play their part in the success of the sector.

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