Interview with Hana Ze Ethiopia with Dn singer Leulseged

Hanna the Ethiopia were living abroad and now she is back to Ethiopia. She is a beautiful young lady that has converted her religion recently. She talks about her reasons and more that others can take lesson from.

The road construction project from Pushkin Square to the barn is open to traffic

Currently, the road from Pushkin Square to the Gotera Masal is almost completely open, including a 320-meter-long tunnel.

Efforts are underway to complete the rest of the road project on time. The construction of this road will alleviate traffic congestion in the area of Qera.

The road construction project will be 3.8 km long and 45 meters wide.

Gojo Bridge Houseing and the city administration agreed to work together on housing development.

Addis Ababa Housing Development and Administration Bureau signed a memorandum of understanding with the Addis Ababa Housing Development and Management Bureau to use land owned by residents who volunteered to participate in joint housing development to alleviate land scarcity by sharing their land through Gojo Bridge Houseing.

According to the MoU, residents who were registered as homeowners in 2005/20 and 40/60 but have not yet found a home, and who have recently registered with the city administration to build a new home with a new option, have combined their homes with cottage-registered landlords. It will enable them to build.

According to an agreement reached between Gojo Bridge Housing and the state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and other banks, financial arrangements will be made for the construction of the house.

In addition to registering the hut itself, it is expected that residents registered with the city administration will be able to voluntarily build a house on this land-sharing principle.

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