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Graduation and visit program of development projects jointly carried out by the community and the government at a cost of 4 million birr has been carried out.

It was said that various social, economic development sectors and projects will be successful with strong community participation. The success of development projects at the national and local levels can only be ensured by identifying the developmental areas of the community at all levels, prioritizing them, and maximizing the community’s financial, material and labor contributions.

In connection with this, the Dire Dawa administration has inaugurated a project with the participation of the community and the government at a cost of over 4 million birr.

     Inauguration and touring program was held at the inner cobblestone and flood drain Dutch in Kebele 03. Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Mohamed Buh, Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration, said the cobblestone road, which is of great benefit to the community, will be built in other areas and the administration will support these projects.

It is said that development works carried out with the participation of the community along with the development activities of the administration will increase the sense of ownership and identity of the society. According to Engineer Jamal Ibrahim, head of the Dire Dawa Administration Construction and Housing Development Bureau, various activities have been carried out by the Dire Dawa administration to solve the problems of the society.

Construction of an internal cobblestone road, flood drainage and water projects have been constructed in various kebeles of the city at a cost of 4 million birr. Gonfa Mosisa, Director of the Community Participation and Development Agency, on his part said the community should not only participate in the success of similar projects but also protect the existing development projects with a sense of ownership.

In the past, their area was prone to flooding and was known to be highly polluted. However, residents who attended the graduation ceremony of 03 Kebele Development Project said that the floods have alleviated the problem of the previous ones.

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