Statement from the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, May 14, 2013 e.c.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has been making various preparations for the 6th General Election. In a meeting with political parties on May 7, 2013, the Board stated that voting could not take place on May 28 and June 05, 2013, and that preparation time would be required for 2-3 weeks.

Accordingly, the following major activities will be performed on the additional days.

  1. Completing the recruitment of additional election officials

In addition to the current 138,655 election officials, the Board should train 106,345 election officials, of which there are an additional 100,333 executives on the Board’s waiting list. These additional election officials are being held on standby by the Board and the Board will complete the screening process and prepare for the polling day. It seeks to fill in the gaps in the executive branch.

  1. Training

The National Electoral Board (NEC) trains all election officials for Election Day. This training,

  1. Leadership Training – 20 people at the center level
  2. Training of head coaches- 220 people at the center level
  3. Training of Field Coaches: 2,200 people in 20 cities
  4. Training of constituency executives and zonal coordinators: 3,781 people in 20 cities
  5. Polling Station Electoral Training – 245,000 (in four rounds).

Topics covered in this four-part training

  • Voting Day Preparation
  • Counting and description of results at polling station level
  • Score, administer and publicize results at the constituency level. This step-by-step training takes about 23 days.
  1. Material Packing and Distribution (Training and Voting Day)

Packing and distribution of training materials takes a total of 4 days. Ballot paper printing will be canceled after 10 days, in addition to the distribution of ballot papers, forms and other purchased ballot materials in the constituency and it will take four weeks after the printing of ballot papers is completed. In addition, the Board has developed a transportation plan that requires the cooperation of federal institutions, state governments and others based on voter registration experience. This operation will be carried out using the full power of the Board.

Accordingly, the 6th general election will be held on June 14, 2013. However, there are constituencies and polling stations where the voting process cannot take place for various reasons

  1. Where voter registration has not yet begun, due to security concerns
  2. Areas where voter registration has begun and been terminated
  3. On June 14, 2013, the Board identified the constituencies where the voter registration process had been challenged or where the Board had decided to investigate due to significant irregularities in the voter registration process. They are:

Benishangul-Gumuz Region (4 constituencies) Where the voter registration has not started

  1. Planting Constituency
  2. Shinasha Special Constituency
  3. Kamash Constituency
  4. Dalit constituency

Somali Region (14 constituencies) Complaining about the voter registration process and deciding on the vetting process 1. Arabi Constituency

  1. Deghamedo Constituency
  2. Gode Constituency
  3. Jijiga 1 Constituency
  4. Jijiga 2 Constituency
  5. Kebri Dahar Constituency
  6. Kelafo Constituency
  7. Warder Constituency Fiq Selection Region 10. Galadin constituency
  8. Degehabur constituency

Voter Registration Process Interrupted by Regional State

  1. Aisha Election Region
  2. Erer Election Region
  3. Shinley constituency

Oromia Region (7 constituencies) where voter registration has not started (due to security concerns)

  1. Begi Constituency – West Welega
  2. Monday Market Election Area – West Welega
  3. Ayana Constituency – East Welega
  4. Galilee Election – East Welega
  5. Alibbo Constituency – Horo Gudru
  6. Gidam constituency – Horo Gudru
  7. Kombolcha constituency – Horo Gudru

Amhara Region (8 constituencies) Voter registration has not started (due to security concerns)

  1. Majete (Makoi) Constituency
  2. Argoba Special Constituency
  3. Shevarobit Constituency
  4. Ephesus Constituency
  5. Chilga 1 Constituency
  6. Chilga 2 Constituency
  7. On Armacho Constituency
  8. Diliza Constituency

Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (4 constituencies) where voter registration has not started (due to security concerns)

Harari Region (3 constituencies) Voter registration has been severely distorted and is a matter of law

  1. Jegol Special Constituency
  2. Jegol Regular Constituency
  3. Jegol Surrounding and Hundene Constituency

Special statement
In the Dima constituency and the Akobo constituency, there is a high level of infrastructure and transportation, which requires special assistance from the state and federal governments.

Ethiopian National Electoral Board May 14, 2013

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