Netsanet Workineh returned to EBS on Easter day

Netsanet Workineh was a host of yebeteseb chewata on ebs Television until they take different ways as a result of their disagreement.

Netsanet is a much loved comedian, actor and Television presenter. He has performed on several Ethiopian movies such as F.B.I and City Boys.

Heavy rains are expected in the Hararge border areas, including Dire Dawa administration, from today. It is also stated that the resident community should take the necessary precautions.

The Dire Dawa Administration Disaster Risk Management Coordination Office provides the necessary information to the residents of Dire Dawa and neighboring regions to ensure that they are not exposed to the disaster and to protect themselves from possible damage before the accident occurs.

In addition, the office will not only provide information to the executive sector offices that will do this work, but will also provide appropriate information in the event of an emergency.

Following this, the Dire Dawa Administration Disaster Risk Management Coordination Office warned that the residents of these areas should take precautionary measures in view of heavy rains in the three days from today, including the Dire Dawa administration. Senior expert Shemshedin Mohammed said.

Shemshedin added that the Dire Dawa administration is particularly vulnerable to floods and the rains in the eastern Hararge area are likely to reach Dire Dawa.

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