Mekonnen Leake prank by miko mikee

Mekonnen Leake isa famous Ethiopian acyor who has been in the field for the past few decades. Most of the times he represents fatherhood characters inculing movies like Yewendoch Guday.

He is one of the best performers in his age category. He is one of those dearly loved artists.

Over 1.2 billion birr revenue has been collected from driver and vehicle licenses in the capital over the past nine months

Addis Ababa City has collected over 1.2 billion birr revenue from driver’s license and renewal over the past nine months, according to the city’s Driver Licensing and Supervision Authority.

Addis Ababa City Administration Driver Licensing and Supervision Authority General Manager, Adam Nuri, said revenue has been collected during the period.

He said a new driver’s license has been issued to 43,000 users and 263,000 Bolo services have been provided to vehicles.

He said 1.229 billion birr has been collected in the past nine months, out of the planned 1.19 billion birr.

He attributed the increase in revenue to increased access to services and reduced tariffs.

Addis Ababa Traffic Management Agency Deputy Director, Engineer Berhanu Girma, on his part, said traffic enforcement has improved over the past nine months.

He said work has been done to improve the flow of traffic by renovating four squares and replacing them with traffic lights.

“20 pedestrian crossings and 2.5 km roadblocks have been set up in selected areas of the city,” he said.

They also mentioned that drivers with disciplinary problems and with a criminal record were banned from three months to one year.

According to the deputy director, more than 252 million 882 thousand birr was collected from traffic fines and more than 1.8 million birr from parking services in the past nine months.

He said action has been taken against 1,334 public transport service drivers.

According to ENA, 500 vehicles that were left homeless in the city have been evacuated by the agency.

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