Hana Yohannes and Daniel – the failed marriage

Hana and Daniel used to date in their tender age and they were so in love. But some day things changed like never before they will never be the same again.

An estimated seven million birr worth of damage was done to the electricity infrastructure

Addis Ababa Electric Service announced that 1.2 km of underground power transmission line has been damaged in the Bole Imperial area of Addis Ababa.

East Addis Ababa District Distribution Head, Yodit G. Mariam, said the damage was caused by an underground burial line belonging to the institution.

“This is estimated at 6,157,911 birr,” she said. He said the total cost of the renovation will be 7,405,152 birr.

The damage was caused by a road construction project in the area on January 26, 2013, she said.

It is a 15.5 megawatt power supply line, she said. He added that he has been injured several times since.

As a result, he recalled that the service from the center Bole to the Skylight Hotel at the Millennium Hall to the Atlas was completely cut off. Ms. Judith explained that the service was restored.

Addis Ababa Electric Service Executive, Gebeyehu Likassa, on his part said the problem was caused by carelessness. “When such damage occurs, the loss to the institution and its customers is significant, and care must be taken,” he said.

He also said that the public and other stakeholders should be protected from harm as electricity infrastructure inputs are bought with a lot of foreign exchange and a lot of resources are being pumped out.

When damaged, it is difficult to replace it quickly; He added that the user will be left without electricity for a long time.

Gebeyehu said the Ethiopian Electric Service is working in a coordinated manner with stakeholders. “We will continue to strengthen consultations and coordination with stakeholders so that similar problems do not occur in the future,” he said.

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