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The first party debate organized by Fana Broadcasting Corporation was held today with a focus on federalism and diversity.

Leaders of Prosperity, EZMA, Hibr Ethiopia and AEPR reflected their parties’ position at the forum.

Fisseha, who represented the Prosperity Party, be patient. He said the TPLF has been destroying the principles of federalism, self-government and solidarity for the common good.

He said the Prosperity Party will correct these mistakes and build a federalism system in which the people’s language and identity are respected.

Prof. Berhanu Nega, who represented Ethiopians on the occasion of Social Justice, said: He said ethnic federalism has failed to achieve diversity.

Professor Berhanu: “It has resulted in the loss of many lives and property in the region,” he said.

Instead of bringing national consensus, the federal system has made the states more at war with each other, he said.

He said his party will work to build a federal system that will not weaken Ethiopia’s unity and sovereignty.

Engineer Yilkal Getnet of the Ethiopian Democratic Party Ethiopias federalism is based on ethnicity, civil liberties and equality; He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He also explained that the federal structure of the federal system is based on culture, public psychology, ecology, economy and others.

Semehegn Abraham, who participated in the debate on behalf of MEIAD, Federalism has made Ethiopians unfamiliar with their country; They also say that the structure is based on ethnicity for the crimes committed because of their identities.

They say that unless the constitution is amended and the way the federal system is structured, the rights and freedoms of citizens and self-government will not be considered.
The parties also debated the following federal structure after the formation of the government.

The parties also expressed their views on the federal working language and the special forces of the states.

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