The red dress was made in consultation with my client.

The red dress was made in consultation with my client. But I’m sorry if he offended anyone said designer Afomia Getu.

Economics has linked inflation to monetary policy. If there is a high level of emissions in the economy over the years, the emissions will increase the demand for social goods. If a product does not grow according to the growing demand, inflation will occur.

Studies show that inflation is a major factor, especially in developing countries. Developing countries release large sums of money into the market for economic development. However, they will not be able to create a supply chain that will meet the demand for the product due to the emissions. As a result, inflation occurs. It is a fact that the government acknowledges that the government has been releasing large sums of money into the market over the past decade, which has exacerbated inflation.

Lack of a developed market system

Most developing countries have a long history of economic domination. When these countries enter the market-led economic system, their markets will be disrupted as they do not already have a well-organized and strong market system. In countries where the market is dominated by the government, the market for the masses is weak. When they enter the free market with this poor market management system, there is a serious economic crisis.

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