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The Attorney General elaborated on the basic issues related to the order issued to protect against pandemic.

The Attorney General has clarified the basic issues related to the directive issued in the last few weeks to protect pandemic.

The full explanation is as follows:

  1. About the meeting: The article of the meeting prohibits any entity wishing to have a discussion with a maximum of 50 participants, and discussions involving more than 50 participants are mandatory. Site) can conduct the conversation by notifying.

It also stipulates that physical distance between participants can be achieved with no less than two adult steps, as well as the use of a mouth and nose mask and a hand sanitizer. The provisions of this and that directive do not prohibit action but constitute a restriction and are a law that can be achieved by complying with the restrictions and achieving the intended purpose.

  1. This is not a directive, but a precautionary measure against the spread of the epidemic.
  2. Whether the directive applies to government institutions; One of the questions that is being asked of our institution is whether the directive will be held accountable if it is violated by government institutions.

In light of this, we understand that the purpose of the directive is to govern all sections of the society equally. This means that any government institution that violates the restrictions and obligations set out in this directive, like private institutions and individuals, will not be exempt from legal action. Government agencies, private organizations and individuals should be exemplary in fulfilling their legal obligations.

The Committee would like to thank the institutions that are canceling their planned discussions or extending them indefinitely or deciding to conduct them online.

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