Selamawit Yohannes Senay Live Performance

Selamawit Yohannes Senay Live

Qualifications will be given to government employees starting next month. 

The Civil Service Commission announced that it will conduct a qualification assessment for government employees starting next April.

The assessment to be conducted by the Ethiopian Civil Service University will play an important role in producing competent and competitive staff.

During his stay with ENA, the Commissioner of Civil Service, Bezab Gebreyes, recalled that various activities have been carried out to ensure the professionalism of the employees entering government institutions.

He said a common standard has been set for the assessment to be used by all government institutions.

He also said that it has taken longer than expected until adequate preparations are made to assess the qualifications of new and existing employees.

He said the existing competency assessment in some institutions will be included in the new assessment criteria and institutions that want to provide the assessment in private can also contract with the commission.

According to Commissioner Bezabh, in the coming years, the operational and organizational gaps of government institutions will be examined in depth.

He said there will be institutions that work with the same work and purpose.

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