Seifu on ebs: Saron Ayelegn Amazing Dance Moves

Yet on another music clip Saron became a controversial person again. She used to say like she dont like famous Ethiopian food shero and many were not happy with that.

The Mekelle branch of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Agency said it has distributed 18 million birr regular medicine and medical supplies to 47 health facilities in Tigray State.

The branch has directly distributed to 21 hospitals and 26 health centers, including 4 hospitals in Mekelle and all health centers, including Wukro, Hausen, Adigrat, Axum St. Mary’s, Korem, Mehoni and other hospitals.

On the other hand, the agency announced on its Facebook page that standard inpatient and health program medicines are being distributed to Humera, Alamata and other health facilities in the North, West and Central branches of the agency.

The Mekelle branch said it currently has a stockpile of 350 million standard and health program medicines and medical supplies, including 71 million birr from the central warehouse.

Some of the medicines and medicines available at the branch are used to treat maternal and child health, diabetes and high blood pressure, anti-malarial, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS.

Gondar University

The University of Gondar will graduate more than 7,000 students on Saturday in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, specialized and humanities programs.

Tomorrow, 4804 male and 2489 female students will graduate and a total of 7293 students.
Dr. Asrat Atsedewoin, President of the University, said this year’s graduates are unique in that they have overcome many man-made and natural problems and challenges.

The graduation program will be broadcast live on the university’s Facebook page starting at 2:30 am, and the entire program will be broadcast on Amhara Television tomorrow night.

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