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In the last 7 months, more than 236 billion birr has been collected – Ministry of Revenue

Addis Ababa, February 19, 2015 (FBC) The Minister of Revenue, Mrs. Ainalem Nguse, has announced that over 236 billion birr has been collected by the Ministry of Revenue and the Customs Commission in the last seven months.

The evaluation of the performance of the seven-month plan of the Ministry of Revenue and the Customs Commission and the focus of the remaining months are being discussed.

The Minister of Revenue, Ainalem Nguse, who made the opening speech at the discussion, stated that the Ministry of Revenue and the Customs Commission are fulfilling their mandates properly.

The information we received from the commission indicates that they have recorded better performance in the last seven months of the fiscal year.

The minister added that efforts are being made to efficiently collect the income generated by the economy and finance the government’s development expenditure.

They explained that in the current fiscal year, a plan is being made to collect 266.9 billion birr from domestic taxes and 183.3 billion birr from foreign trade duties and taxes, for a total of 450.2 billion birr.

In the last seven months, it was planned to collect 262.1 billion birr and 236.93 billion birr was collected, which is 31.5 percent or 62 billion birr higher than the same period of the previous fiscal year.

He also explained that in the first half of the fiscal year 2015, the government was able to save more than 40.7 billion birr from illegals.

He also explained that the main reasons for the success of the plan are that taxpayers and stakeholders are encouraged to contribute by discussing, monitoring and identifying corrupt practices to prevent them from occurring, and identifying and improving practices that are not convenient for users and abuse them.

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