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What happened to the bus? Mahider and Danaity

This bus hit individuals who were singing while having break in their journey. Suddenly while others were parked it changed its lane and hit those on the road at the time.

Investment licenses have been issued to investors with a capital of over 11 billion birr in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region

Investors with over 11 billion birr capital registered in Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR)

Head of the Regional Investment and Industrial Development, Halgeyo Jillo, made the remarks while participating in the May 26 Ethiopian Miracle Movement in Buta Jira town of the state.

The head of the bureau said structural reforms and other reforms have been carried out to revitalize the sector following the country’s transformation.
He said 244 private investors with a total capital of 11 billion 90 million birr have been issued investment licenses in the first nine months of the current budget year.

He said 88 of the licenses were in the industrial sector, 50 in the agricultural sector and the remaining 106 investments in the service sector.
These investments have created 69,377 temporary and 8,201 permanent jobs, he said.

However, despite encouraging results in investment and industry development, the region has not been able to grow as much as it should, given the region’s potential investment opportunities and favorable working conditions, he said.
He said the mobilization forum is aimed at identifying bottlenecks in the sector and leading stakeholders to achieve better progress.
Senior federal and state officials, stakeholders, financial institutions and private sector investors are expected to attend the event.

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