Martina Goytom introduced her boyfriend

Martha Goytom her boyfriend with her new inta photo. She is a famous actress who got fame with a movie called KIYAYE. She teamed up with other famous actors.

After reading this, your attitude toward bananas will change.

Bananas combine three natural sugars (sugar, fructose and glucose) with fiber. These also help to increase the energy of our body.

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Studies show that after 90 minutes of strenuous exercise, athletes who eat 2 bananas can regain their strength. That’s why – bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world.

Not only that, people who eat bananas have a very high level of immunity to various diseases and conditions. It provides the following benefits:

    Prevents intestinal ulcers
    Disconnect quickly from HANG OVER
    Helps stimulate the mind
    Eliminates anemia
    Helps to control body temperature
    Eliminates depression;
    It also helps to calm down
    Relieves blood pressure
    Prevents dehydration
    Reduces mood swings following menstruation
   Removes cracks

Another amazing thing is that it protects against mosquito bites (if you paint your skin with peeling) – we recommend this information especially to those in the tropics !!

in addition
When comparing a banana with another fruit, for example, with an apple:
An apple in it
• 4 times protein
• 2 times carbohydrate
• 3 times phosphorus
• 5 times Vitamin A and IRON
• It also contains high levels of potassium.

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“Ten Best Tips for Couples Who Want to Be Happy in Their Marriage”

Mothers’ advice for women to follow in their marriages
“My son, if you can’t do these ten things for your spouse, try to hold on to my advice because you can’t be happy in your marriage.”

Be the earth, and he will be your heaven.
Be a mattress to him, and he will be your pillar.
Be a slave to him, and he will be your slave.
If you want something, don’t be stubborn.
You will forget about it.
When he comes near you, say, ‘Come near to him.’
If he is angry with you, stay away until he is calm.
Keep your nose clean.
Listen to him, and he will not listen to you.

Keep an eye on him for good, not bad

Fathers’ counsel that men should follow in their marriage
“My son, if you can’t do these ten things for your spouse, try to hold on to my advice because you can’t be happy in your marriage.”

Girl wants comfort, so share what you have.
A woman wants to express her love for you. Do not hold back from expressing your love.

Stubborn women hate men. They despise weak men. Strengthen where you need strength, and be gentle at times.

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