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Addisalem Getaneh got engaged

Addisalem Getaneh is a famous Ethiopian actress who bossed the Ethiopian film industry.

A recognition and appreciation program for Commander Derartu Tulu will be held on Sunday.

A ceremony in honor of Commander Derartu Tulu, who won the first gold medal in the 10,000 meters at the Olympic Games for Africa and Ethiopia, will be held on Sunday.

He made the announcement in a press statement issued by the various committees.

The statement was made by Ethiopian Athletics Federation First Vice President Athlete Gezahign Abera, head of the federations office, Billign Mekoya and Oromia Athletics Federations Nega Tujuba.

Athlete Derartu Tulu’s achievements in athletics

At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she represented Ethiopia in the women’s 10,000 meters and won her first gold medal for Ethiopia, as well as for Africa.

Following this, the Olympic, World Athletics Championships, Cross Country Championships, Continental Cup, Under-20 World Championships, African Athletics Championships, World Athletics Finals, Golden League, International Marathon and Ethiopian Athletics Championships, 13 more than 1 month. She presented diplomas to her country;

In terms of investment:

Derartu Tulu has been involved in the hotel and tourism sector, building hotels and entertainment in various areas and creating job opportunities for many Ethiopians.

In institutional leadership and positions of responsibility,

In addition to leading a family life and engaging in social issues, Col. Athlete Derartu Tulu is a member of the Council of the African Athletics Confederation, Vice President of the East African Athletics Zone, Member of the Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, Vice President and President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation. According to information from the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, she is currently serving.

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